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The ASCII Editor option opens a special PeakLab ASCII Editor window designed specifically for editing an X-Y data table as an ASCII text file. For editing and copying contents of the various text windows within PeakLab, there is an ASCII Editor item in the menu of the specific text window of concern. This data table ASCII Editor option is provided for those who prefer to input or edit a data table as a simple ASCII file using a familiar NotePad-like text editor.

Automatic Update

When the ASCII Editor is opened, its contents will reflect the current data table. You may edit the data or you may open and edit any ASCII file. When you exit the editor, you will be offered the option of updating the PeakLab data table with the current contents of the editor. If you choose not to save revisions made to the data table, the modified data is automatically saved to pkfit.prn and this file will be listed as the data table's file source in the PeakLab status window.

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