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Peaks Menu

The Peaks menu consists of three options for peak fitting and one for constructing user-defined peaks. For each of the fitting procedures, there are common Peak Fit Preferences and Graphical Fitting. After the fitting is completed, there is a Peak Fit Review, which includes common Numeric Summary, Residuals Graph, Explore, and Export procedures. These options are part of each fitting procedure and are not accessed via main menu items.

Fitting Local Maxima Peaks

Generate/PROC.gif Fit Local Maxima Peaks


Fitting Hidden Peaks using the Residuals Method

Generate/PROC1.gif  Fit Hidden Peaks - Residuals


Fitting Hidden Peaks using the Second Derivative Method

Generate/PROC2.gif Fit Hidden Peaks - Second Derivative


Used-Defined Peaks

Generate/PROC11.gif User Functions



C:\1pf2022\Help\home.gif View Function(X) Fitting Peaks Overview