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PeakLab Copyright

PeakLab v1 Copyright 1990-2022, AIST Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.

All of the models, methodologies, and technologies in the software and documentation which are our original work, and nowhere else previously published in the literature, are copyrighted as above. These items are referenced in the appropriate sections of the documentation. We grant to users, with a paid license for PeakLab, the right to use such in their own independent research and publications, providing the following reference is made:

PeakLab Software, version 1, September 2022, AIST Software Inc, Mapleton, OR, USA.

The following specific items are those we believe to be our own work and nowhere else published and subject to this copyright restriction:

Full-dynamic range HVL

Full-dynamic range NLC

Fast NLC/Giddings approximations


Generalized Error Model - [Y] ZDD

Generalized Error Model - Gen2 Default ZDD

Generalized GMG - [V] ZDD

Generalized DblExp - [YpE] ZDD

Generalized Error Model, Two-Width - [Yp2] ZDD
Generalized Laplace, Two-Width - [Yp2E] ZDD
Generalized Two-Sided Order 0,1, Kinetic - [K] ZDD

Giddings Approximation


GenHVL - Generalized Normal ZDD

Gen2HVL - Generalized Error Model ZDD

GenHVL[Z] - [Z] Generalized Normal ZDD

GenHVL[Y] - [Y] Generalized Error Model ZDD

GenHVL[G] - [G] Half-Gaussian Modified Gaussian (GMG)

GenHVL[E] - [E] Exponentially-Modified Gaussian (EMG)

GenHVL[Q] - [Q] Error Model (Symmetric)

GenHVL[S] - [S] Student's t (Symmetric)

GenHVL[T] - [T] Generalized Student's t (Asymmetric)

GenHVL[V] - [V] Generalized GMG

GenHVL[YpE] - [YpE] Generalized Laplace (High Overload Shapes Only)

GenHVL[Yp2] - [Yp2] Generalized Error Model 2-Width (High Overload Shapes Only)

GenHVL[Yp2E] - [Yp2E] Generalized Laplace 2-Width (High Overload Shapes Only)

GenHVL[K] - [K] Generalized Two-Sided Kinetic Orders 0,1 (High Overload Shapes Only)

GenHVL[W] - [W] Generalized Error, Linear Gradient ZDD (HPLC Gradient Shapes Only)


GenNLC - Generalized Normal ZDD

Gen2NLC - Generalized Error Model ZDD

GenNLC[Z] - [Z] Generalized Normal ZDD

GenNLC[Y] - [Y] Generalized Error Model ZDD

GenNLC[T] - [T] Generalized Student's t (Asymmetric)

GenNLC[V] - [V] Generalized GMG




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