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Data Summary

The Data Summary in the Review displays a point by point data summary for the peak fit with the X and Y value of each data point, the predicted value, the residual and %residual, the confidence limits, and the prediction limits. The View Data Summary for this Fit right click popup menu option opens the Data Summary window for the specific fit where this right click popup was invoked. This window must be closed before resuming the Review.

The window size and position you choose for the Data Summary is automatically saved across sessions. The Data Summary uses the PeakLab Text Viewer to display, modify, and print the information.

Options Menu

The Options menu is used to select the display of residuals, confidence limits, prediction limits, or all three types of information. You may need to select a small font size or landscape mode in order to fully print all three types of information on a standard size page. You may also choose the confidence level to be used for the limits.

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