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Edit Menu

The Edit menu is as follows.

Editing Data Titles

The Titles... option in the Edit menu is used to edit the data set, data level, and experiment titles.

Generate/EDIT3.gif You can also use the Titles icon in the main program toolbar.

Each data level has its own data titles and its own level title. You must thus first select the data level of interest in the main window to make it the current one before selecting this titles option. Depending on the operation, titles may be inherited on subsequent data levels. You can go back and alter the titles on any level, but these are not propagated across the different levels that saw this inheritance. You will need to adjust the titles of each of the levels you wish to revise.

Note that PeakLab graphs have separate 2D custom titles and 3D custom titles options which may use some some portion of these data titles.

To change the titles for the individual data sets, for the data levels, or for the overall experiment you can use the right click Edit Data Titles... popup menu option.

Editing Data Values

There is no item in the Edit menu for editing the XY numeric data values. In general, you will not manually edit chromatographic data. If there is a need to do so, PeakLab furnishes a right click popup menu item in the main window. Note that only the uppermost data level can be manually edited.

To manually edit the numeric data in the uppermost data level for any one of the individual data sets, select that data's graph in the main window and use the right click Edit this Data Set... | PeakLab Editor... or Edit this Data Set | ASCII Editor... popup menu option. The first option uses the PeakLab specific data editor and the second the ASCII text editor. When these editors are used the revised data replaces the original. The original is not preserved.

Copying Data

You can copy the data in the main window to the clipboard using the Copy option in the Edit menu. You can copy only the principal data set, only the selected sets, or all data in the file. Only the current data level is copied. A tab delimited format is used.


Copy Principal Data Set

Copy Selected Data Sets

Copy All Data Sets

In order to copy a specific data set to the clipboard, in the main window, right click the graph for the data set of interest and choose Copy this Data Set... from the popup menu.

Reset Program Defaults

The Reset Defaults option in the Edit menu will reset the defaults for specific aspects of the program, or for everything.

Reset Defaults

Clear Recently Used File List

Clear Window Sizes and Positions

Clear Graph Customizations

Reset All Program Defaults

Tool Bar and Status Bar

Tool Bar

The Tool Bar option toggles the main window's Tool Bar on and off.

Status Bar

The Status Bar option toggles the main window's informational bar on and off.







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