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MS Word Stream

Generate/6004.gif The Stream Graph to MS Word or Save RTF File option in PeakLab Graphs offers the option to directly stream a graph or numeric summary to MS Word, or to write an RTF (rich text format) file with full formatting specifically intended for MS Word and similar applications.



You must choose to Stream to MS Word, or write the information to an RTF File. If MS Word is not available on your machine, only the RTF File option will be available.

In either case, you must supply a file name. For the RTF file option, that file will be used for the export. For MS Word, the file will be opened, the information will be streamed into Word, and the file will remain open to receive additional streams of information until such time you elect to close it.


The content may be graphs or numeric information or both. This will be specific to the procedure.


You can choose to have Landscape Text and Landscape Graphs separately in the RTF option. For the Stream to MS Word option, the text and graphs must share a common page orientation.

When the Bounding Frame box is checked, there will be a thin-box at the boundaries of all graph images.

The Insert Page Breaks will insert a page break in the MS Word streams after the end of each stream.

The Save After Each Stream Inserted will save the MS Word file at the end of each stream.

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