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Manage Saved Fits

This option is available from the Manage Saved Fits button in the main data window.


Select the existing fit in the upper dropdown. You will see the count of individual fits that were saved in this fit and the data level which was fitted.

Edit the Name of the Saved Fit

The name shown in the first dropdown is copied into the New Name field. Edit as you choose and click Rename.

Delete One Saved Fit

Be sure the name shown in the first dropdown is the one you wish to delete. Click Delete. This cannot be undone.

Delete All Fits

Click Delete All. This cannot be undone.

If you are unsure about deleting any peaks, please note you can have up to 100 named fits saved in a PeakLab file, and unlike raw data, saved fits require comparatively little disk space. You can also save the current PeakLab file (if needed) and then save the file with the deleted fits with a different name, preserving the saved fits until you are fully certain you wish to discard them.



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