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RHVL - Rectangular Input HVL

The HVL model assumes a delta (no width in time) input. The RHVL model assumes a rectangular pulse input.


a0 = Area

a1 = Center (as mean of asymmetric peak)

a2 = Width (SD of underlying Gaussian ZDD)

a3 = HVL Chromatographic distortion ( -1 > a3 > 1 )

a4 = Full Width of Rectangular Pulse


Built in model: RHVL

User-defined peaks and view functions: RHVL(x,a0,a1,a2,a3,a4)



This model is the convolution of the HVL with a rectangular density centered at 0 with a full pulse width of a4. In the above plot, the rectangular width varies from 0 (the delta input HVL) to the SD of the peak. There is attenuation, but it is small. The greatest effect will be shift in the mode of the peak to higher time values.