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Text Viewer

The PeakLab text viewer appears throughout the program for displaying, modifying, and printing text information. Smaller amounts of text are displayed using an RTF (rich-text format) window. For reports containing many thousands of lines of text, the text viewer will use a much faster rendering which does not use the Windows RTF function. The RTF allows locally selected formatted text to be cut or copied.


The text view window is used throughout the program. The viewer can display up to 131072 lines of information. You may use either the cursor keys or the scroll bars to move about the text. If the contents of the view window have been generated by PeakLab, the text will contain columnar formatting to properly align all fonts, there will be a predefined color formatting, and there will be support for displaying and printing subscripts, superscripts, and symbols.

File Menu

The viewer's File menu contains options to Save the information in the window to an ASCII text file.

The Printer Setup item is used to select and optionally configure a printer for use by PeakLab. Note that the orientation option in the printer driver's own configuration dialog will be overridden by the orientation set in the Print Text dialog.

The Print item opens the Print Text dialog, allowing a header to be specified, the date and page number to be included, the orientation to be chosen, and the margins to be set. You may also elect to center the longest line and to print either all information or only that portion currently visible in the window. If you have a color printer, you may also elect to print the information in color.

Edit Menu

The Copy option copies the text in the window to the Windows clipboard as ASCII text. The text format is tab delimited and is used when you to paste the information into a text-based program, such as a word processor.

The ASCII Editor option copies the contents of the viewer into the PeakLab ASCII editor. You may need to use the ASCII Editor option to copy selected portions of the information to the clipboard if the RTF function is not used for the display.

Style Menu

The text windows each use their own specific font. If you select a different font using the Font Select item, it will be used only for the current type of text window. Since PeakLab's internal windows are preformatted, you may freely select variable pitch fonts, although you may wish to use a fixed width font for the ASCII List and ASCII Editor options, especially when working with files containing numeric columns of data. When selecting a font, do not select the Bold or Italic styles. Preformatted reports employ their own use of bold and italic variants, and these will override any selected font style.

The Color item simply toggles the text between its predefined color format and the default black text on white. The font and color setting are saved across sessions for each type of window.

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