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Tool Bar

The Tool Bar option in the Edit menu toggles the main PeakLab tool bar on and off. The tool bar consists of the following options:

Generate/open2.gif Open

Generate/saveas2.gif Save

Generate/saveas4.gif Save As

Generate/open8.gif Import from ASCII/AIA Data Files

Generate/open5.gif Import from an Excel or ASCII CSV File

Generate/open6.gif Import from Clipboard

Generate/Copy3.gif Copy All Data Sets

Generate/EDIT3.gif Titles

Generate/View4.gif View and Compare Data

Generate/CALC1.gif Transform Data

Generate/VIEW1.gif Section

Generate/PROC4B.gif Subtract Baseline

Generate/TABLE7.gif Deconvolve Instrument Response Function

Generate/PROC.gif Fit Local Maxima Peaks

Generate/PROC1.gif Fit Hidden Peaks -Residuals

Generate/PROC2.gif Fit Hidden Peaks - Second Derivative

Generate/PROC11.gif User Functions


C:\1pf2022\Help\home.gif Data Titles Data Menu