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ZDD - [YpE] Generalized Laplace (High Overload Shapes)

This is the Zero Distortion Density (ZDD) used in the GenHVL[YpE] models.

The [YpE] model is used only for preparative (extremely high overload) shapes. The starting estimates for the [YpE] density assume such shapes.

This model's a1 center parameter is the mode of the underlying double-sided exponential. The a3 parameter in the ZDD nomenclature below adjusts the asymmetry, and thus the third moment or skew of the peak.

There is no GenNLC[YpE] model.



ZDD - [D]13.PNG

a0 = Area

a1 = Center

a2 = Width

a3= Asymmetry ( fronted -1 > a4 > 1 tailed)


Built-In Peak Model

  GenLaplace (Statistical family)

User-Defined Peaks and View Functions

  GenLaplace(x,area,center,width,z-asym) Generalized Asymmetric Laplace
  GenLaplace_C(x,amplitude,center,width,s-nu) Gen. Laplace cumulative
  GenLaplace_CR(x,amplitude,center,width,s-nu) Gen. Laplace reverse cumulative

This Generalized Laplace model is part of the unique content in the product covered by its copyright.

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