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ZDD - [K] Generalized Two-Sided Kinetic Orders 0,1 (High Overload Shapes Only)

This is the Zero Distortion Density (ZDD) used in the GenHVL[K] models.

The [K] model is used as the ZDD only for preparative (extremely high overload) shapes. The starting estimates for the [K] density assume a high overload envelope.

This model's a1 center parameter is the mode of the underlying two sided kinetic model. The transition between the two different kinetic orders occurs at the apex. The a2 width parameter is the actual width (first order time constant) of the exponential decay primarily determining the shape of the right side of the peak. The a3 parameter in the ZDD nomenclature specifies the left side width (zero order time constant) as a fraction of a2. An a3 of 1 means a3=a2, the two time constant equal. The a3 parameter primarily determines the shape of the rise of the peak.

Although an asymmetric shape occurs from the different orders and widths, the a4 parameter is a generalization which further adjusts the asymmetry in a continuous fashion. The third moment or skew of the peak, will be determined by both a4 and the asymmetry difference across the two kinetic components.

There is no GenNLC[K] model. Since this model cannot replicate either a Gaussian or Giddings decay, no [K] ZDD model can reproduce the HVL or NLC shape.


ZDD - [K]10.PNG

a0 = Area

a1 = Center

a2 = Width Right-side (decay)

a3= Left-Side width (rise) as fraction of a2

a4= Asymmetry ( fronted -1 > a4 > 1 tailed)


Built-In Peak Model

  GenDbl0E (Statistical family)

User-Defined Peaks and View Functions

  GenDbl0E(x,area,center,wdecay,wrise,z-asym) DblKinetic (order 0,1) 2 widths
  GenDbl0E_C(x,area,center,wdecay,wrise,z-asym) DblKinetic (order 0,1) 2 widths cumulative
  GenDbl0E_CR(x,area,center,wdecay,wrise,z-asym) DblKinetic (order 0,1) 2 widths rev. cumulative

This Generalized Two-Sided Kinetic Orders 0,1 model is part of the unique content in the product covered by its copyright.

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