About AIST Software Inc.

AISN Software

AIST Software is the successor to AISN Software, a company founded by Ron Brown in Silicon Valley in 1988. Over the course of fourteen years, AISN Software produced the products TableCurve 2D, PeakFit, TableCurve 3D, and AutoSignal. These were marketed first by Jandel Scientific in 1990 and then by SPSS Science in 1995 when it acquired Jandel Scientific.

In 2002, the AISN products TableCurve 2D, TableCurve 3D, and PeakFit, were acquired by Systat Software Inc.’s parent, Cranes Software. At their peak, these four scientific software products were widely regarded as the world’s state of the art software for curve fitting, peak fitting, surface fitting, and digital spectral analysis.

AIST Software

Starting in 2015, the product PFChromTM was begun with the intention of creating a specialized next-generation PeakFit specifically for chromatography. The R&D was extensive; the product was finished only in 2020. AIST Software was formed in 2020 to bring PFChrom to the scientific marketplace.

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