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AIST Software

The development of PeakLabTM was begun in 2017. The R&D was extensive; the product was deemed finished only in 2023. AIST Software was formally incorporated in 2020 as PeakLab was being developed for the scientific marketplace.

AISN Software

AIST Software is the successor to AISN Software, a company founded by Ron Brown in Silicon Valley. Over the course of a decade and a half, AISN Software authored and updated the products TableCurve 2DTM, PeakFitTM, TableCurve 3DTM, and AutoSignalTM. These were marketed first by Jandel Scientific in 1990, by SPSS Science in 1995, and then sold to Systat Software in 2002. In that era, these products were widely regarded as the world’s state of the art software for curve fitting, peak fitting, surface fitting, and digital signal analysis.