Expert Analysis Services

Each analysis will be offered for a limited time. A new analysis will be added when the analysis having the current focus has been sufficiently mapped. Your data will be deleted after the analysis is complete, and each report will remain confidential unless you grant us specific permission to share it. These reports, and the expertise used in preparing it, will be used by AI software and machine learning tools to generate an automated analysis tool.

In this analysis, we will use PeakLab’s parametric modeling to look for differences between two chromatographic columns which should produce close to identical peaks, or with one column where there is some time between the chromatographic runs, and the latter is suspected of reduced separation performance. This analysis can also be made for two different chromatographic runs using the same column, but two different instruments, where one wants to quantify the injector, flow path, and detector differences.

Submission instructions:
(1) create an email to
(2) attach the 1st of the two data sets, ASCII or AIA(CDF) to the email; you may attach up to two additional replicates.
(3) attach the 2nd of the two data sets, ASCII or AIA(CDF) to the email; you may attach up to two additional replicates.
(4) add the prepaid analysis code to the text of the email.
(5) include any information you wish for us to have to make the analysis and discussion as pertinent as possible.
(6) the finished analysis will be emailed as a PDF document to the email address of the analysis order within 10 business days of submission.

Do not send data containing proprietary information. To send only the raw numeric data with all identifiable information removed, use an ASCII export and manually remove the header information in each of the data files.

In submitting an analysis order, you agree that the intelligence and domain knowledge expertise within the report may be subsequently processed by AI and machine learning software.

Click here to see a sample report (used with permission).

One Analysis : $249