PFChrom Resources

The full PFChrom v5 Documentation is available online. Most questions associated with program operation and the genesis of the chromatographic models will be covered in some depth in the documentation.

All of the PFChrom v5 Tutorials are also available online. Most aspects of program function are covered in depth for the primary analytical problems PFChrom was designed to solve.

You can also download the latest release of PFChrom or receive a 30-day free trial.

Technical Support

Please send an email to for help with technical aspects of the program as well as to report any specific issues with the software. At present, AIST Software offers only free email technical support.

Sales Support

If you require support for sales, please email us at

AIST Software uses the FastSpring e-commerce provider for all online software sales. When an order is completed you should see the FastSpring order completion page with both the license code and download links. If there are any issues with the download shown in the transaction, you can download the latest release of PFChrom here.

Contact us immediately at if there is no license code shown in your order or if there is any error in the sale associated with the Fastspring billing.

We encourage you to use the Free 30-Day Trial option before purchasing the product. You will see the same fully functional PFChrom software as you receive in a full purchase and you may contact us if more time is needed for your evaluation of the product. Although, in purchasing PFChrom, you receive a thirty-day return policy where you can request a full refund of your purchased software, evaluating the product via the free trial avoids virtually all collection of personal information as would occur within a financial transaction. Also, depending on the type of payment, there may be certain non-refundable transaction-related charges.

Software Updates

There is no cost for updating your product subscription to the latest version, including new major releases. There is no also cost for updating a v5 permanent license to the latest v5.x release.

The Automatically Update at Startup item in the program’s Help menu will automatically perform a product update check each time the program is started. You can also manually check for an update using the Check for Product Update… item in the program’s Help menu.

License Updates

Automatic subscription renewals will update your current product license and no action will be needed on your part. If you did not save your billing information when you placed your original subscription order, please note that you will have to manually respond to email notices to renew your subscription.

The License Update… option in the Help menu will open the QLM License Wizard. From this applet, you can also update to the latest version of the product as well as activating and deactivating your license. You may also install new license codes.

Online Activation

The QLM License Wizard will appear the first time PFChrom is run. You will need to enter your activation key to activate the software.

We require that you use the Activate Online option in the License Wizard to initially activate your license. You will thus need an internet connection when the program is first launched.

Paste the license key associated with your purchase into the Activation Key field and click Activate license key. If you use a proxy server, you will need to enter the Proxy Settings. By default, the license will be stored locally on this specific machine and nothing further will be required unless you wish to enable the Cloud Licensing described below.

Offline Activation

There is an Activate Offline procedure which can be used to enable or re-enable a license on a machine which has no internet connectivity. In order to use offline activation you will need the Activation Key supplied with your purchase, the name of your machine (the Computer Identifier, in Windows 10, the Device name in Settings | System | About), and the Computer Key for your machine.

To get the Computer Key (if you have not already saved this), you will need a smartphone or separate machine that is connected to the internet. In the License Wizard on the machine without an internet connection, enter the Activation Key and machine name (Computer Identifier). If you are using a smartphone with a QR code scan app, select Scan QR Code. Generate and execute the link that is generated by the QR scan app. If this is successful, you will see the Computer Key on the smartphone which you must manually enter in the Computer Key field for the offline activation. If you do not have a QR scan app, you will need to go to on the internet-enabled device and there you must also enter your Activation Key, specifically select the PFChrom product, enter your machine name, and click Activate. You will then need to enter this Computer Key on the machine you are activating without an internet connection.

Software Deactivation

To manually deactivate a working license, select License Update from the Help menu, Deactivate your license, and then Deactivate license key. You can then activate the license on a different machine.

If you cannot access the program, go to the AIST Customer Portal web applet (, select License Deactivation, enter your Activation key, and if required, your machine name. The deactivated license will then be available for activation on a different machine.

If you wish to routinely switch between a work and home machine, please see the Cloud License option below. If you have forgotten or lost your activation key(s), use the Email License Keys option to have those keys affiliated with your email address sent to you.

Cloud License Check In/Out…

The Cloud License Check In/Out… option in the Help menu of the main window allows your license to reside in the cloud and to be checked out and back in on different machines.

For a single user license, the cloud licensing option allows you to install the product on your work machine, your home machine, and/or your laptop. Whichever machine is being used, it will capture the license from the cloud when the program starts, and it will release the license back into the cloud when the program closes. You will need to be connected to the internet in order to check out and check in your license.

If you enable this cloud option and close the program when no internet connection is available, the license will remain checked out on that machine until such time that the program is closed with an active internet connection.

If you enable this cloud option and open the program when no internet connection is available, the license may not be accessible. If this occurs, you will need to check out the license using offline activation as described above.

When this option is selected, you will be warned if this process of checking in your license fails.

If you are using a multiple user license, please be aware that all licensing is cloud-based and the program may be unavailable to you if all of the existing licenses are currently checked out.

License Assistance

The License Assistance… option in the Help menu of the main window opens the AIST Customer Portal web applet for various self-help licensing items.

The Activate a license is used for offline activation.

The Deactivate a license is used for deactivate a license on the web.

The Get License Information is used to show the machines on which your license has been activated. If this is a multiple user license, this will show the status of current activation. If this is a single user license with the cloud check-out and check-in selected, this will show the machine where the license is currently checked out.

The Email License Keys option is used to send to your registered email address all of your license keys.